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It’s 2023 and the world is one big lie.

The commercials lie, the news lies, the politicians lie, social media lies, the doctors lie, our food is a lie, our money is a lie… Is it just me, or does it legit feel like They Live up in this joint?

I point this out, because I want you to know, everything I’m about to tell you is the truth.

I’m real.

This website is real.

My books are real.

Stick around. You will not be disappointed.



Good fortune and luck are smiling on you.

You found this site!

No, seriously.

Your life’s about to change.

Once you hit the join button and become a member, this site is going to change the way you write.

I’m going to teach you insights and techniques that will accelerate the effectiveness and efficiency of your writing, like strapping an acme rocket to a coyote’s arse.

(That may be a bad analogy, whatever, I’m on a roll here.)

This stuff I go over throughout this site, is the same stuff fancy Hollywood writers charge thousands of dollars to teach. Yeah, thousands… really.

I know.

I know.

You think I’m bullshitting.

You think I’m some hack trying to sell subscriptions and books.

Fair enough. The internet is sketch sometimes…


You can read a little more about me personally on the about page, but in a nutshell,

I’m a full-time freelance story consultant, editor, and writer.

You’re thinking there are a lot of those… and there are.

But reality is most of em write for various industries, doing whatever they need to do to pay the bills.

I don’t.

I only work in creative entertainment fiction.

Comics. Games. Novels and Screenplays.

And have been doing it for a LOOOONG time.

I’ll be the first to tell you, if you’re looking for a career like mine as a writer in the entertainment industry, it ain’t easy to pull off. It’s like wanting to become a star in Hollywood.

You CAN do it, but more than anything, it takes time.


Speaking of what I’m gonna tell you…

My clients know me and rely on me for my somewhat blunt, completely honest manner. It doesn’t help anyone if I tell them only what they want to hear… they need to hear what they don’t want to hear, so they can improve their story, writing, and career.

I carry this honesty to everything I do.

When you read through this site, you might think to yourself;

“Man, what an ass hat.”

“Who does this guy really think he is?”

“He’s so full of himself.”

“This guy’s about as funny as an insomniac school bus driver.”

And it’s all probably true.

But what’s also true, is that the stuff I teach you is 100% going to improve your writing.

I told you above, this site is going to change your life,

Well, if actually getting more paying gigs,

getting higher rates for the gigs you have,

getting publishing contracts,

and building your fanbase in leaps and bounds

are any of the changes you’re looking for… you’re in the right place.


You’re going to get so much practical advice you can immediately apply to your writing, you’re gonna get a headache…

This alone is worth a fortune of money! And that’s not hyperbole.

If you implement the techniques I teach here and you snag a publishing contract, or crush a crowdfund, what’s that really worth to you?

Even if you just finish your current WIP with 110% confidence, which opens up new direction for you, again what’s that really worth to you?

If you’re a writer, all that stuff is worth its weight in gold.

For real.

but more than that, all the articles on Story to Script combine together for something even more valuable!

To teach you how to look at story craft and script writing from a professional vantage point.


This awareness is truly invaluable.

Because once you open your writer’s third eye, you can go off and do your own thing and develop your own style and techniques.

And they’ll work. Launching you into successful orbit in whatever writing path you take.


Membership is $5/month.

You can signup and get instant access to the articles by hitting the join page.


Check out the Annually billed discount currently available on the store page!


Let’s call a spade a spade, you could jump in here, pay $5, LITERALLY, get near 30 years of writing expertise to apply to your work and bounce.

This site is NOT about money for me.

In fact, there are no secret motives at all with this site.


Putting out a 4,000-8,000 word article (15-30 pages) on process I’ve done for twenty years, but never had to articulate in a specific formula, is not easy or quick for me!

So sure, as I’ve dedicated literal years to building Story to Script and, I always appreciate people supporting me with a book purchase or donation (check out that donation page).

but I don’t upsell anyone, anywhere on this site.


That. Is. Not. Why. I. Am. Here.


I write for this site for one reason. I want to help people.

Storycraft is in my blood.

It’s what I do.

And if I can spend some of my time, helping other writers, at this stage of my life and career–it’s the real reward. You’re probably project focused right now and you might not get that… give it a few years, you will.

You guy’s don’t know the joy I get when someone emails me and says

“Dude, Image just picked up my series.”


“Netflix wants a pitch package from me.”


“Random house made me an offer.”

Yeah, my students have sent me all these emails.


If you take anything away from this page. Take this;


This site is going to help you.



-Nick Macari



I’m a real human being. If you have a question on anything. Trouble with anything. Just hit me through my contact page.





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