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Full access to all articles on this site are granted as part of Nick’s introductory story consulting service which includes:

  • One hour email consultation.
  • Access to all the articles for a year.

Review an article then throw him a question, run a narrative problem you’re having by him and have him recommend an article, or just review the articles on your own.

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Your Story to Script Member Account and your Story to Script Shopping Cart Account (if you choose to make a cart account) are two different accounts. (Sorry, there’s no easy way to make them one account.)

Step 1: Create a member account.

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Access will not be renewed automatically, so no more recurring billing.


If you’re looking to take your writing to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

The articles posted on Story to Script deliver tips, techniques, and insights in every facet of writing. Nearing three decades of real-world writing experience, presented in Nick’s straight to the point, well-explained, practical format, allowing you to implement what you learn immediately.

Writer to writer; if you finished a book or course with only one real writing insight. If you incorporated just this one technique into the way you write, landing a new gig or publishing contract, that book or course would be pretty much invaluable. Folks, you’ll lose count of the insights you find on this site.

* Most of the articles on Story to Script are written from the vantage point of scripting a comic book… but the underlying principles of each article apply to every medium of written fiction.

No refunds. All sales final.


Starving artist/writer? I get it. If you're slugging your way through hard times one shot of single malt at a time and feel access to this site will help improve your situation, email me. I've been there, friend. 


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