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I appreciate every single person that signs up for this site. Whether you stick around for a day, or a year. True story.

I’m not Frank Miller or Alan Moore, so it’s not like I’ve got a thousand subscribers here and I’m banking my mortage each month.

For me, this site is about helping people become better writers. The subscription fees are really just a nod from you folks saying “thank you.” Which goes a long way in the often dark void of writing for a living.

Anyway, if and when you need to leave. There are no hard feelings at all. Thanks for stopping by.

If you want to leave a parting email on how the site could improve or what content you were looking for that didn’t show up, that would be helpful.

To Cancel Your Membership

Monthly memberships are processed through PayPal, so if you want to cancel, you need to go in to your PayPal and stop payments on your end.

Here’s an article from PayPal on how to do it, though, you know, these companies are constantly updating stuff so who knows how long this specific sequence will work. But the gist of it should remain the same.

If anybody is trying to stop their membership and having problems, email me and we’ll get it sorted.

(Annually billed memberships are not auto-renewed so there’s no need to cancel.)

Write on, Write often!



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